Review for book From Addiction to Adoption

This review from JG was sent to us and I wanted to share it!!!!

So real quick, I just wanted to tell you guys how your book has already impacted my life and give glory to God. There was a story in the book about how you lost your trailer in an accident. Last year my husband and I lost our travel trailer because we were rear ended by a semi. The book said “only God can take a negative circumstance like the accident and thru prayer, turn it around to orchestrate His good in our lives.” We have been battling with the insurance company because they have offered us what we believe to be way too low of an amount for our trailer. Its been a battle. And lately I havent trusted God, I’ve been angry and selfish. So after reading that yesterday, I bowed my head to pray and ask God for forgiveness, and to bless us with what we needed, not what we wanted. Roughly 6 hours later, I got an email from the lawyer with the estimate for our trailer. Its almost exactly what we needed!! Praise can only go to Him, and to you guys for being a vessel and sharing that God is always provisional. He is mighty in favor and blessings. I feel renewed today and thank you for sharing again.

Trail Trials at NHRR

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Here’s pictures of our fundraiser for NHRR! Thank you to all who participated in giving prizes, donations, judging or whatever your part was! You all are the BEST and NHRR greatly appreciates it! Hope you all had fun and looking forward to the next one!