Pastors Rick and Teresa McKinney



These are three words that describe Pastors Rick and Teresa McKinney, who have spent the last sixteen years dedicated to helping others break free from addiction.

Rick’s incredible journey began at the tender age of 8, when he got drunk for the very first time. He quickly became an alcoholic before puberty hit. After high school, the addiction spiraled out of control. By the time Rick reached his mid-20s, he had lost his family and his business.

By 1979, alcohol-induced heart disease proved to be detrimental and Rick was given a prognosis of only six months to live. But the Lord had a different plan. Two years later, Rick got sober in AA and was searching for something to bring him out of the chains of addiction. That is when he found Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, Pastor Teresa McKinney’s struggle with prescription drugs, depression, alcohol and rejection from her family and friends led her to the point of suicide, when she cried out to Jesus on a beach in Pacifica.  She felt the love of the Father once again and gave her life back to Jesus. She started going to AA and seeking God once again for the path for her life and for the reason she was created. She realized she was created to serve God and worship Him with pure abandon and serve others, love on them and help them to get free from all their addictions and totally rely on God. She found a reason for living once again and continues to daily mentor to other men and women. This is her joy!!! Through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Alcoholics Anonymous, Teresa’s road to self-destruction was re-routed.

In 1997, the two came together and were married in 1999. In 2000, after less than one year of marriage, the Lord led the couple to found the New Hope Recovery Ranch. By 2001, each became a pastor and now dedicate their lives to worship and the Lord’s Word and the power  of the Holy Spirit.

Today, both New Hope Christian Fellowship and New Hope Recovery Ranch run on 100 percent private donations. No state or federal money is taken for the  life-saving program offered. To help, please click on the DONATE link.

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