Empowering Through the Word and the Holy Spirit [Isaiah 61]

New Hope Recovery Ranch


New Hope Recovery Ranch is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, long-term residency program for men that allows recovering alcoholics and addicts to set aside much-needed time and effort to focus on what is causing the downward spiral. Residents focus on asking, considering, and responding to life’s basic questions—and quickly determining God has all of the answers.

Founded in 2000, New Hope Recovery Ranch has ministered to more than 2000 residents, with an impressive success rate.


Pastor Rodney Williams,

Manager of New Hope Recovery Ranch

According to Pastor Rick McKinney, “Healing at New Hope includes spiritual, mental, and physical healing. You’re feeding your mind, body, and spirit here. When you feed these, you’re going to get well.”

A typical day at the Ranch begins early with Bible study, meditation, AA readings, and uplifting prayer. Residents spend the day tending to animals, cleaning the ranch house, cooking meals, working on the ranch or working on other local ranches. There are also AA meetings, 12 Step classes and Bible Studies. Every day at New Hope Recovery Ranch is an effort to ease the residents back into a normal and productive life. Praise to God, the effort works.

Residents spend a minimum of six months on campus. Recovering alcoholics and addicts stay in the residency program for up to one year, learning about the all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ and the awesome empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


MEN ROCKSimage21




New Hope Recovery Ranch incorporates miracles from three sources—The Bible, the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, and animal therapy.

The Bible
The Word truly has the power to heal. Residents of the New Hope Recovery Ranch program have the opportunity to delve deeply into the Scriptures and learn of God’s love for all. The men are given time for studying God’s word and being empowered by the Holy Spirit to overcome their addiction. The Word and the Holy Spirit work together to build faith and recovery.


12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
The credo of AA is to help members “stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.” The highly successful 12-step AA program is an integral part of the unique program at New Hope Recovery Ranch. With the help of the Word and the Holy Spirit, the truth of the 12 steps provides residents with another tool in the toolbox as they work their way toward sobriety. We also incorporate The Twelve Steps – A Spiritual Journey program as a part of our curriculum.


Animal Therapy
Animals are a miraculous source of unconditional love and respect. At the Ranch, the horses, goats, dogs, and cats teach the residents responsibility, how to develop self-confidence, and give them a deeply-rooted sense of pride in a job well done.

According to Pastor McKinney, “Animals help break down emotional walls of denial and anger. They allow us to back off and refocus, offering a mental time-out.”



Pledge Commitment
When we invite your family member and/or friend to commit to the program at New Hope Recovery Ranch, we commit to doing everything we can to help this person achieve complete freedom from his or her addiction and in the process to introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit. We will make available to them the tools to obtain and sustain a life of success and peace. We ask you for a commitment to pledge an annual or six-month donation to be paid monthly. This will help us cover the expenses we incur while ministering to his needs.Prior to your family member and/or friends’ entry into New Hope Recovery Ranch, you will be provided a pledge form via fax or e-mail.

For more information on the long-term residency program at the New Hope Recovery Ranch, contact at 775-400-6468 or newhoperr1@aol.com.

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